I’m Here to Help Your Horse Live Their Best Life

Pony Club taught me about good horsemanship which has grown into a passion to helping horses live their life happy and carefree with their favourite humans by their side.

Imagine being confident that your horse enjoys riding with you!

Whether it’s galloping along the beach, exploring a new trail, or setting your sights on a new challenge, as horse lovers we just want to make memories that we can cherish forever. My aim is to provide you with that confidence so that you and your horse can do what you do best.

Stretching your horse is just as important as a regular massage. 

That’s why I teach you stretches that are tailored to benefit your horse. This gives you something to work on between visits and develops a stronger relationship with your horse. I understand that stretching is the last thing you want to do after you ride. That’s why I’ve released my own brand of horse treats that are healthy, low in sugar and most importantly, long lasting. This way, you can just chuck them in your tack box, taking the hassle out of carrot stretches.

From a young age I’ve been determined to spend my life working with horses.

However, after spending a few months working as a stable hand/groomer at an equine behavioural centre I soon realised that I was not good at either job and training/instructing was out of the question since I’m still learning what I’d need to teach.

That’s when I found Equine Therapy.

While at the equine behaviour centre, I watched as a super grumpy, jerk of a horse became the sweetest soul, not only through work on his behaviour, but also through the work of an osteo who released tension that was giving him a constant headache. After watching that transformation, I was hooked.

I have since completed a certificate in Equine Sports Massage Therapy, completed many case studies and interned with another massage therapist. I have also participated in a full body horse dissection so that I have an in-depth understanding of the horse’s muscles and some knowledge of bio-mechanics.

I have a love of learning and so have continued my education through academic research on various horse-related topics which are then converted to blog posts so that I may share this knowledge everyone.