How Does Your Saddle Fit?

How Does Your Saddle Fit? A bad saddle fit can have many negative consequences; however, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether the saddle fits or not. In this article, I’ll go over some key points of saddle fitting so that you can ride with confidence!   What are the consequences of a bad saddle […]

The Importance of the Back

The Importance of the Back Horses carry us on their back and as such, the muscles supporting the rider are important to consider for riders and massage therapists. In this article, I discuss some basic biomechanics so that riders may gain a better understanding of the importance of regular massage, balanced riding and a good […]

How to Tell if Your Horse Needs a Massage

How to Tell if Your Horse Needs a Massage Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your horse is sore or tight. Here I explain the technique palpation and how you can use it to improve your horse’s welfare.   What is Palpation? Palpating is a technique that massage therapists use to identify muscles […]

Benefits of Equine Massage

Benefits of Equine Massage In this article I discuss some of the research that examines the perceived benefits of massage so you can make an informed decision about your horse’s welfare. While first implemented as a training tool for human athletes, ‘…equine massage therapy is becoming a more common part of the management of equine […]